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Not responsible for items left in tall grass. ie. garden hose, dog toys, dog chain, etc.

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Check on the thatch of your lawn

A good indication that it is time for aeration is by checking the thatch. Remove a plug of grass, soil, and all, and then measure the layer between the green growth and the soil.


When your thatch is greater than a half an inch, consider aeration.

Know that your lawn service is only being completed by knowledgeable and experienced technicians. Call today!


Does your yard need to be aerated?

If your lawn gets a lot of use it may become compacted causing restrictions to flow of water and nutrients. If the water pools off instead of soaking in or your grass appears worn-out, you probably need a professional aeration which can be provided to you by Mark's Lawn Service.

“Mark mowed my lawn while both me and my wife were deployed... Mark is a true professional who really cares about his clients.”

- Todd Wolfe

Trust the experts to get it done

"...He is very honest and will tell you if you don't need a service...."

- Sarah C

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